Gymnastics Team

PRE-TEAM - This is an introductory team level that competes in-house.

Level 4/5 - We use these levels to prepare and qualify into the optional competitive program. 

Bronze XCEL - This is a new competitive level that USA Gymnastics has introduced as a fun way to start optional gymnastics.

Silver XCEL - This is a in-between level more advanced than Bronze and less difficult than Gold.

Gold XCEL - This is also a new competitive level that USA Gymnastics has designed to prepare our young athletes with more expectations than Bronze.

Level 6 - This is an optional level that was designed as a transition to Level 7. 

Level 7 - This is the first true optional level with higher expectations. The athlete must have successfully completed levels XCEL – 6 and complete all Level 7 requirements. This is the first opportunity that the gymnast will get to qualify to Regional Championships.

Level 8 - This level is a significant level in the sport of gymnastics. It tests the strength, mentality, motivation and fear factor of the athlete. They will also have an opportunity to qualify to the prestigious Regional Championships

Level 9 - This is similar to level 8 but difficulty level is extremely high which takes proficiency and strength to achieve. The athletes have the opportunity to qualify to Regionals and National Championships.

Level 10 - This is the highest level where extreme proficiency is needed to proceed to level 10. This is a very prestigious level. Only the hardest workers will ever achieve this level. These athletes are at the level that they can qualify to Regional and National Championships as well as the opportunity to achieve college scholarship



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